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Parr(A)cousmatique : : Mixed Music for Guitar and Tape

“This project was born out of the wild imagination of the guitarist Arturo Parra. In 1997, he commissioned four different works from four acousmatic composers: Francis Dhomont, Gilles Gobeil, Robert Normandeau and Stéphane Roy. The originality of this project resides in the fact that each of these composers had to create a stand-alone acousmatic piece from which the guitarist composed a mixed piece for guitar and tape.” [Robert Normandeau]

Both versions of these four pieces premiered on May 15, 1998 in the concert Parr(A)cousmatique produced by Réseaux during the Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV). The pieces were composed with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts (Commissioning of Canadian Compositions program, electroacoustic parts) and the Colombian Ministry of Culture (composition of guitar parts). This disc contains the definitive versions of these four mixed works as well as a 5th piece created according to the same principles in collaboration with the Colombian composer Mauricio Bejarano.

The instrumental part was recorded in real time and is made of sounds produced without accessories on a non-prepared guitar and vocal expression made by the performer. (Guitar maker: Manuel Contreras, Sr; Madrid, Spain, 1984.)

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