Voz … in English








“In my native Spanish, the word ‘voz’ means voice. Hence it also connotes speech and breath, which in turn point towards alterity, dialogue. At least two people must be present for a voice to have meaning. One speaks; the other listens and perhaps responds. In the silences, their voices remain. […] I composed Voz as a sound poem, a soliloquy for two voices, but also as an intimate embrace in motion: a bonding journey of inseparable friends. […] Voz was conceived so that it could be listened to without interruption, hence the absence of silences between the tracks. You can approach the work in this way, like a long-distance walker covering the miles with a purposeful stride, or you can choose any number of places to pause. Let the aural landscape be your guide.”

The guitar sounds and vocal expressions were produced by the performer in real time, without use of overdubs. Indeed, all the sounds on this disc were created by breath, voice, and unprepared guitars, without accessories of any kind.

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