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Terra Incognita: Thus did the mapmakers of old designate the world’s unknown regions, the ones not yet subjected to the visual scrutiny of the explorers and hence readily populated, in their minds, with all manner of monsters, chimeras, and fantastical creatures.

Terra Incognita, the third album by Colombian-Canadian guitarist and composer Arturo Parra, offers us seven “sound portraits.” Portraits in sound? Yes: while the greedy eye thinks the whole world ceases to exist whenever eyelids close, the discreet and silent ear never stops listening.

Seven men and women from different parts of the Americas volunteered to “sit” for these portraits, so to speak.  Mr. Parra spent time with them and listened to their stories, then proceeded to compose seven original pieces in response to what he had heard.

Under the surface, these seven portraits are also likenesses of the “painter” himself. They reveal his own inner life and musical journey.

Arturo Parra: Terra Incognita – With English Subtitles

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